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Photography FAQ's 

What does a standard portrait session include?

(single family/individual)


  Let's start from the very beginning. When you book your session with me I will either invite you to chat with me over the phone and/or in person to discuss what you are looking for.

  Then comes the session! Depending on the type of session, I like to include music. games, conversation etc... anything that will make everyone involved comfortable around the camera. Props area always available and can be planned per the initial discussion.  Large props like furniture can be arranged, sometimes at an additional cost, depending on what is desired.

 Once the session is complete you can expect a 2-3 week turnaround time for all of the completed images (3-4 for larger groups).


 Is there a deposit fee?


Yes, a deposit is required to save your date upon booking. It is non-refundable and will be deducted from your final fee. Deposits not paid on time will result in losing your booking date.  Please be sure to pay your deposit immediately to secure your booking!

How to do I receive my images?


Images can be viewed via the online gallery I will provide for you. The online gallery is good for viewing, downloading and sharing with friends and family. You will receive an email with a pin number that will allow you to download all of the high resolution, print ready images as well as share them with whomever you wish via email and social media! 

What about prints?

 I do not provide prints. However, I can refer all of my clients to quality printers with various price ranges depending on what you need. This is something that can be discussed upon booking or after your session. 


Can you send me all of the images you shot including the edited & unedited images?


  This is something I don't do. Sorry but this is non-negotiable and there are various reasons. For example; Do writers publish all their drafts along with the final story? No. Why? Simply, because none of that is meant to be a final product.  My business is art, my name attached to all of the work I release, whether it is physically stamped on the images or not. If I release unfinished work, I risk my reputation as an artist and a quality photographer. Should images in the raw circulate with my name on them, those images misrepresent my work, style and the quality I work to represent.  When you pay for the photographs I take you are paying for my work as an artist and a skilled photographer, not a click and print process.

I only need a few images, is that cheaper?


  Sorry, but the answer again is no.   Your cost includes a session fee and the time it takes to complete the editing process. A standard photo session usually takes about 1-2 hours. In that time I can shoot a few hundred to a few thousand images. Part of my job is to comb through all of these images and decipher which are quality and which are not.  Then edit the best quality photos.  All of this takes time. So, regardless of how many images you want, there is still a process.

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